Arshad hails from an illustrious family of block carvers of Pilakhua, UP. His father Shri Sardar Hussain & his Uncle Shri Abshar Hussain are National Award Winners. Arshad took to the family work along with his younger brother. While Arshad, who also earned the coveted National Award, continues to work using his craft skills, his brother has moved on to a secured job. Such is the plight of these most talented artists of the country that to give a good life to their children & families they look at avenues other than craft work. Arshad is trying to make end meets for himself and the workers he employs but he is unable to manage it in the current circumstances. He says he is managing because everyone stays together and his brother earns, otherwise he has nothing. He is suffering in his inability to manage for his workers while his family's support system is helping him get through.

Arshad's immediate requirement is for 9 of his workers who stay close to his house. He has only been able to help them with firewood to manage the cooking. His requirement is high - anything we give him right now will only go to support his workers. But it will help him keep his work intact in the days to come.



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