It has been a journey and oh what a journey. It has given us a lot and it has taken some from us too... but the equation stands more in favour of what we have received. Launching the online store just before Christmas, December 2010 it is now 9 years. The website went from being a semi-informational, bloggish store to somewhat of a marketplace to a full-fledged e-commerce store that shut down. It went from being a team of 6 people to just about breathing...keeping the domain alive. It drained money, it drained mental energy and it brought several doubts and a lot of re-thinking.

What it gave though was a beautiful family - a girl found a boy and vice versa and were blessed with two beautiful boys. It tested friendships and brought the best ones home. A blessing unparalleled. Friends are after all the family we choose. It gave us an attitude and taught us perseverance - a learning which is being drilled into the new ones. And above all it taught us to seek out that which we value the most... those non-negotiables with which we want to move ahead - at work and in life.

Our goal still remains the same - to work with handcrafts and indigenous skills and bring to market quality products. We have moved from the idea of an all out market place for indigenous products to designed and curated home products. This includes home utility products like plates, cups, spoons, glasses, storage etc. To decor items like - vases, folk paintings, masks, baskets, wall decor, candles, votives etc and more. We still work with grassroots organisations and individual artisans and we are starting to expand our product range to international products as well.

I recently read this somewhere - keep your goal fixed. Change the way to get there whenever you need to. Our goal remains the same - to bring the best handcrafted and handmade products - this time for Homes with a contemporary twist. The idea of impact also remains the same as we continue to work with individuals and organisations who are working towards rehabilitation of people in need.

Eyaas is all about - Handmade Homes with a heart.